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Everything is easier when you are in FLOW

Posted on 05 August 2011 by taoofflow


Flow frees the magic...

When we are in FLOW, things just seem to happen all by themselves. There is no effort. Things are smooth and easy. It seems like all the right resources are miraculously making themselves available at the right time… It feels like ‘real magic’.

On the other hand, when we find ourselves at the lower side of the energy spectrum, things are slow and hard and bumpy. We spend lots of energy for little result. We feel small and dis-empowered.

In the lower middle band, things are what we call ‘normal’. It’s where we become ‘realists’. Magic is something for kids, no longer for us… We play safe:  we do not expect more than ‘normal’ because we know it hurts to have dreams that never come true…

How do we break out of the rut? How do we recover the magic that was so normal when we were kids? Why are things so easy in FLOW and so hard at the bottom of the energy scale? The explanation is in the following diagram (please click picture for full size):

FLOW and space

Space is the secret to FLOW

It is interesting to have a look at the definition of ‘mass’ in physics: ‘mass is resistance against acceleration’

Isn’t that revealing? In other posts we have said that it is all about ‘resisting versus allowing’ and we have also called FLOW an expanded state with very fast energy… At the bottom of the above scale we are literally in a ‘state of mass’ whereas at the top of it – where FLOW happens, we are in a ‘state of space’. Compare it with steam that can become water and then ice. The previous remarks are obviously not about our physical body. What are they about then? They are about our relative state of BEING (our energy state or vibrational state as expressed in our feeling state). Our ‘beingness’ can be contracted or expanded. In FLOW it is expanded; in a state of depression for instance it is totally contracted. At the bottom of the scale, we have made ourselves small and we suffer for it. In FLOW we are happy;  at the bottom of the scale we are severely unhappy.

‘We are unhappy whenever we identify with limitations – we are happy whenever we identify with freedom’ Lester Levenson

Do you feel where this is going? (for full size, please click the image)

flow is space

FLOW is unresisted, free energy with lots of space

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls the opposite of FLOW ‘psychological entropy’.

In physics, entropy (the state of declining energy) only occurs in closed systems. Open systems – as discovered by Nobel prize winner Ilya Prigogine – have the ability to renew their energy and thus reverse entropy…

It also becomes clear then why Mihaly Csikszentmyhalyi defines FLOW sometimes as ‘negative entropy’ or ‘negentropy’.  FLOW  is a state of openness. In FLOW there is abundant renewal of our creative energy moment by moment, because we are so connected to the very Source of the energy! Openness, spaciousness is the key to connect with Source. What is it that we open or close? The answer is: ‘our heart’. This is more than just a poetic statement. The Institute of Heartmath (Stress Relief solutions from HeartMath) has discovered that there is something called the ‘energetic heart’. It is an energy field that has at least 5,000 times more magnetic power than the energy field of the brain. Do I hear you think ‘Law of Attraction’? It has everything to do with the heart… This has always been known by mystics.

FLOW appears naturally when we are being lead by the heart and it disappears when we switch to being lead by the judging mind.

When we talk about the heart in spiritual terms, we talk about our Inner Space. It happens to be infinite, except when we allow it to contract through fear.

The space of the heart is as big as the Universe – The Upanishads

The heart suffers to the degree that it is closed – Deepak Chopra

We all have known FLOW during events that are heart-felt like being with friends or being involved in a passionate creative activity. Our true challenge – if we want to know FLOW as the standard in our lives – will be learning to keep our heart open when the survival mind wants to close it. The evolution from personal to transpersonal living implies giving the lead to our heart and it involves training the brain to play the second violin… Our survival brain is about our physical body, our heart is about our eternal self. In FLOW we get a taste of who we really are: infinite, boundless, eternal, totally free. To open in full size, please click the picture below:

flow is tasting freedom

FLOW is tasting freedom...

Nothing is difficult for who we really are… Let’s meditate a bit on this, shall we?

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Jan Bommerez


FLOW is the optimal state







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  • Jan, great post, thanks! Jan

    • Jan Bommerez

      Thanks 🙂

  • Erica Argelo

    Jan you have given a clear explanation with the diagram:) it gives a good picture to recognize the differences of feelings and then the following key to achieve flow.
    If we cleared the underlying stream of resistance we can pick up flow any time we want or are ready for it. Fantastic Jan that we have the key to connect our heart with source energy, we only have to understand the principles of life and emotions. I know that Hartmath is an effective method to connect with the energy of the heart and become aware of the moment that you have a choice in emotional reaction before you respond on a situation
    If we are connected with our source energy we can feel flow:-))
    greetings from Erica

    • Lifestylecoach

      FLOW really is the experience of Source Energy or Love 🙂

  • mike

    Hi Jan, I’m in a job for the last 2 years that puts me in the top left of the chart above – insufficient skills to meet the challenge – anxiety. Its a very difficulty place in which to remain in flow because of the constant threat of failure as well as the simple difficulty in enjoying work I don’t fully understand and that puts me firmly outside of my comfort zone. I’m 44 and clearly need to move on to another job, however I’m concious that unless I move from a position flow I stand a good chance of going to another job equally challenging. Feels like I’m stuck unless I can find flow whilst in my current job? Do you have any thoughts that might help?

the tao of flow