Nothing is easier to lift up your energetic frequency to the FLOW band than ‘feeling appreciation’.  But beware: thinking  or saying ‘I appreciate my health’ (etc…) will not do it! You have to FEEL the appreciation – it’s the only way your frequency will move up.Feeling is the bridge to the soul – thinking or judging is what throws us out of our center…

Notice below how appreciation is right there in the top band of the emotional scale and it is very easy to access. Everybody can find at least one thing or person to appreciate…


Emotional scale
Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale

But you do not have to take my word or Abraham’s word for it. The HeartMath Institute (Stress Relief solutions from HeartMath) has extensive scientific research that shows how appreciation is a feeling that brings well being to our entire system.

HeartMath studies define a critical link between the heart and the brain. The heart is in a constant two-way communication with the brain. Research has shown that the heart sends more signals to the brain than vice versa. The brain responds to the heart energy with relaxation and flow or conversely with stress patterns like anger, frustration and anxiety. Whenever the latter dominate our heart rhythm is erratic and incoherent. The brain then is out of balance too and produces mainly beta frequencies (15-35 Hz). Conversely HeartMath research shows that when we experience appreciation or love, our heart immediately starts producing a coherent field and the brain slows down to theta frequencies (4-8 Hz), which are typical for FLOW. Additionally, our nervous system, our cardiovascular system and our overall health all get the benefits of this state. We can actually learn to manage heart rhythms and in doing so, influence our brain state and overall energy state. HeartMath researchers have found that appreciation is one of the easiest feelings to self-generate and that the effects are seen very fast. One can learn to generate appreciation as an immediate response to stress but it is of course way more powerful to make appreciating a constant habit.

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I strongly recommend that you learn about managing your heart rhythms with the HeartMath exercises and the Heartmath neuro-feedback software. FLOW is a state of no-stress. That is exactly what HeartMath training allows you to achieve. Have a look here:Stress Relief solutions from HeartMath

Gratitude is a great state to be in. It is a state of fullness and joy. In the video entitled ‘Appreciation vs Gratitude’ you can learn how appreciation is even more powerful than gratitude.

Here is a powerful habit to form: when you wake up, FIRST THING, think of something you can appreciate. It will set the tone for your entire day. Doing this day after day will transform your life!

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Jan Bommerez

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