I have written or co-written 7 books in Dutch about leadership and self-development topics, selling over 100,000 copies. Two of my books are bestsellers in Holland: one about FLOW and one about Transformational Leadership. With The Tao of Flow blog I intend to share ways to live in FLOW with a global readership. I have coached entrepreneurs in several countries and I sometimes still accept private clients. Contact me here if you are interested in FLOW coaching: lifestylecoaching101@gmail.com

The following couple of quotes tell a bit about me through the eyes of trusted advisors. Tom Peters has been called the guru of the gurus in business, Mandy Evans is the personal coach of Dr Joe Vitale and Debbe Kennedy is an International Top Consultant, bestselling author and founder and CEO of the Global Dialogue Center.

Jan Bommerez
Jan Bommerez

I have happily and productively worked with Jan for 25 years now. As we Americans say, “He’s got his head screwed on right” – the ultimate praise. He is thoughtful, perceptive, creative, and timely in his analyses; passionate about his work; and a true humanist. One could hardly ask for more.

Author of international bestsellers like ‘In Search of Excellence’ and ‘Re-Imagine’

Tom Peters
Tom Peters

Jan Bommerez is a gifted teacher, one of those rare beings who never stops seeking and always shares what he learns. Because he has met some of life’s greatest challenges with his own heart, mind and spirit, his writing is filled with genuine wisdom and compassion. Jan’s books have helped 10’s of thousands of people.

Author of ‘Emotional Options’

Mandy Evans with Dr. Joe Vitale
Mandy Evans with Dr. Joe Vitale

Jan Bommerez is a passionate source of wisdom and insight. Internationally renowned for his specialized coaching, he is a trusted guide for anyone looking to discover how to live with a new sense of freedom and fulfillment.

Author of ‘Putting our differences to work’
founder, president and CEO
Global Dialogue Center | Leadership Solutions Companies

Debbe Kennedy