Attraction is all about our ‘attraction point’ i.e. the frequency we are (most) emitting to the universe. Since the universe is only a mirror for our inner states, we should not try to change the world but see how we can raise our frequency towards FLOW, the state of effortless co-creation. What many people miss though, is that in order to raise our vibrational state it is FIRST necessary to accept ourselves, fully and completely, exactly as we are now. Whatever went on in our past, the door to a new future will not open as long as we resist our current state. That is what self-love, practically spoken, means. Life never judges us. We are the ones judging ourselves… And guess what: all resistance goes back to some kind of judgment and it is resistance that keeps us in the current vibrational state. See the self-created loop here?

Whatever we think or say carries the vibrational wavelength of our current beingness state. It is that energy signature that makes the universe reflect back to us, NOT what we think or say. Saying ‘I am abundant’ while your emotional body broadcasts ‘help, I am fighting scarcity!!!’ will not help.

Our core, our essence (what Abraham calls the ‘vortex’), never changes. It is an absolute, infinite and eternal. It is our power center. Our experiences are powered by our power center but colored by our relative state… Compare it to a white light that you shine through a red filter. The resulting experience will be red… All states below FLOW are states with a degree of fear in them. In FLOW we do not experience any fear and thus no resistance. That is what FLOW is all about. FLOW is a state of trust in self and life. FLOW is a state of surrender to the moment.

The more we can acknowledge our ‘white light’ , our core, the less fear we will have. What does an infinite being have to fear? Whenever we want to control how things go, we are emitting a fear signal… The only no-fear state is trust and surrender accompanied by action when we are inspired to act. That is exactly where the ego becomes restless: how can doing nothing be more powerful that doing something? The ego doesn’t get it. Never did, never will. FLOW is an ego-less state. Ego and FLOW exclude each other. FLOW is ‘doing without a doer’. It is not that nothing is being done, it is that there is no doer…

The only way to move to higher states without being pulled back all the time, is to transform the density in our energy field. It is made up of resistance and judgments.

To let go of our creations of the past, we must accept responsibility for them first. The universe doesn’t do anything to us, nor do other people. They just play the roles we are casting for them through our feeling states.

Acceptance of our creative power begins with acceptance of the full responsibility for where we are now. There will be no consciousness shift as long as we are in denial. It all begins with the understanding that what we did in the past was the result of the consciousness state we were in then. Next, the understanding that our current circumstances will not change as long a s we hold onto the old state of consciousness (i.e. denial, resistance, blame, etc…).

We are Source energy, created in the image and likeness of our Source. We cannot help but create. The only variable is the vibrational state we are coming from.

Here is the shift to be made:‘The power in me is bigger than any situation I am facing in the world. Will I keep giving my power away by blaming, denying my power, playing the victim OR will I assume the responsibility for my creations?’

The truth is we are so powerful that we can resist the grace of God. Our free will allows us to stay in a state of victim-hood for as long as we choose to…

There is not one individual on Earth who never made mistakes while being in a lower state of consciousness. We need to accept that what has been, has been. The only question left is: do I want to keep creating more of the same?

We can choose to reverse the spiral at any time. All it takes is a decision to accept responsibility for where we are now and to make a new choice from a different perspective. The body shows us – through our feelings – if we are honest with ourselves or not. The mind can lie, but the body never does.

Open the gates for your creative power: empty yourself of all denial. Choose acceptance,then move up to joy and create something worthwhile for your soul.

FLOW and acceptance


Jan Bommerez