In FLOW things just fall into place. Why is that? Because we do not manifest what we want but what we are. In other words our life reflects our state of beingness. FLOW as well as the Abraham term ‘the vortex’ refer to a beingness state. How do we know our beingness state? It always is reflected as an feeling state, a vibrational state. The key to an abundant and happy life is a high frequency beingness state: peace, joy, bliss, FLOW. We cannot change ‘the world’ but we can change our relative beingness state and as a result ‘our world’ cannot else but change too. That is what is meant by ‘our life is a reflection of our inner state’. In this short video Abraham (via Esther Hicks) says the same about the ‘vortex’ as what I keep saying here about FLOW in this FLOW blog. Enjoy!

Joy, joy, joy!

Jan Bommerez