Every emotion, from despair all of the way up to ecstasy; from complete Connection to who-you-really-are, all the way to pinching yourself off pretty severely, all of those emotions are about your perception of freedom, or your perception of bondage—every one of them – Abraham

The entire scale of emotions is a refection of who we think we are… In FLOW we have no attention on our limited self. We just soar. The more we identify with limitations, the more we drop down – the more we identify with freedom and possibilities, the more we raise on the scale (click image for full view)

vibrational scale
It's all about who we think we are

One definite path to get into FLOW and achieve more happiness is to let go of limiting beliefs and limiting emotions.

In the video ‘Letting go of limiting beliefs’ you will find an interesting exercise. It will blow your mind.

Change and Stability from C3Exchange on Vimeo.

There are many ways to do let go of limiting states. I have been very happy with Lester Levenson‘s Release Technique. It might help you too to reach more freedom and FLOW . As always, do your own due diligence.

‘All unhappiness stems from identifying with limitations’ – remember who your REALLY are and happiness and FLOW will be your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)!

Jan Bommerez