In the state of FLOW, humans can do things that seem totally out of this world. Think about Olympic gymnasts. Think about synchronized swimming. Think about Lennon and McCartney. Think about Michael Jackson dancing. Think about Nureyev floating through space as if he were weightless…

Just for the fun of it, watch some historic moments with Michael Jordan in FLOW:

Michael Jordan Highlights

When in FLOW, we are in a state of alignment with our true potential, with our expanded Self and the sky is not even the limit. Physiologically FLOW shows in a couple of ways: our head, heart and hands are in perfect coordination (‘hands’ in the ‘3H’ also stands for legs and other muscle groups of course). In our brain, FLOW manifests as a perfect synergy of beta, alpha, theta and delta waves and our heart energy field is in a state called coherence. A very complete definition and explanation of coherence can be found within a monograph from the HeartMath Institute (2003) authored by Rollin McCraty, PhD, which is entitled Physiological Coherence:

“It (coherence) is the harmonious flow of information, cooperation, and order among the subsystems of a larger system that allows for the emergence of more complex functions. This higher-order cooperation among the physical subsystems such as the heart, brain, glands, and organs as well as between the cognitive, emotional, and physical systems is an important aspect of what we call coherence. It is the rhythm of the heart that sets the beat for the entire system.

In the image below you can see someone’s heart rhythm moving from incoherent to coherent:

Heart field coherence
Coherence shows as a harmoniously flowing curve

FLOW is a process of expansion beyond the limits of the thinking mind. Here is a hint that will be discussed in more detail in other posts: FLOW is related to LOVE while all states of non-FLOW are related to fear and its derivatives like anger, frustration, regret, guilt, etc.

FLOW has everything to do with LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS…

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Jan Bommerez

PS Coherence can also be trained with EM Wave, the revolutionary technology from the HeartMath Institute: Stress Relief solutions from HeartMath