Wayne Dyer once said that we are more than 99% ‘no-form’ and less than 1% ‘form’ but that in our culture we focus most of our attention and energy on the limited 1% ‘form’. He compared it to buying a deep frozen meal and putting the packaging in the micowave oven while throwing out the food. That’s how off our focus is when it comes to defining ‘I’. No wonder FLOW is more the exception than the rule.

What Wayne Dyer calls the 99% ‘no-form’, I call the Inner Self. When we are in FLOW we are being the Inner Self having an outside experience without resisting it. So the question arises:

‘what is our Inner Self?’


Let me answer this question first by what it is not: it is not our mind. Most people think that ‘going inside’ means ‘going into the mind’. In our culture, we SO have things backwards. The mind is more like ‘the outside taken inside for further reference’. The mind is a storage, retrieval and computing system but it is definitely not our Inner Self. While FLOW is the experience of the Inner Self, mind is what disturbs FLOW. When we are in FLOW, we are ‘out of our mind’…

Then what is the Self we feel when in FLOW? It is our ‘energy self’ in a state of expansion. Our Inner Self is our energy self. When it is in a state of expansion – aka FLOW – it feels like waves of pleasure and joy. But the same Inner Self can contract and feel like depression. Here is the thing to really get: it is the amount of space in our Inner Self that determines if we feel FLOW or suffocation. Space is the ingredient that we tend to see as something outside of us. What a mistake that is. Space is not a thing, it is a viewpoint. Space cannot really be seen, it is a way of seeing. Remember a time when you where mentally stuck on a heavy problem and you were walking through a park. Did you see the park? Did you hear the birds? No, you did not. And why not? Because you (the 99% you) were in a state of contraction. Let’s look again at the David Hawkins scale of frequencies (click image to view full size):


FLOW is in the JOY and LOVE band: it corresponds to lots of space. STUCK is in the low frequency band where space is inverted. Our Inner Self is naturally more space than matter. It is our heart when it is open. Now that is a huge paradigm shift isn’t it? How many people would see themselves more as space than as matter? Can you? Remember the Wayne Dyer metaphor of putting the wrapping in the microwave and throwing out the food? That is what we do when we identify with the body.  We call the wrapping ‘I’. But here is the truth: the more we behave like space – i.e. openness, the more our energy can expand and the better we feel. The more we behave like mass, the more our energy is sticky or even stuck.

FLOWMay I suggest that there is a connection between ‘being’ and ‘space’ or ‘openness’? Read that again and feel the words… Likewise there is a connection between ‘being something’ and ‘mass’ or ‘closedness’.  To be is to be the space in which things happen (including your body and all its processes). When we really are present, we are presence, we are openness. The moment we think about it, we no longer are present. Thinking moves us out of the now and out of FLOW. One of the characteristics of FLOW is that there is no thinking: there is knowing, there is intuition, there is being.

When the Greeks said ‘Know Thyself’ they invited us to let go of the limited belief that we are the body. What we sometimes call God is All That Is, the Allness, the One. While I am unique as an expression of the All, I still cannot exist separated from the All. So here is the choice I have to make: do I see myself as a creature that has to be ‘fulfilled’ by outside things or do I see myself as an infinite potential to be deployed?

Our culture is dominated by the first view. We are taught that fulfillment comes from the outside. When will we ever learn that fulfillment is the fulfillment of our potential, that it is an inside out process and that living is a creative act?

The great message of the mystics of all times has been that life is lived from within-out, that the entire Universe is concentrated at the point where we are. Better even, that we are the Universe expressed as us. All the resources of the Universe stand behind us. And still we walk around with a begging bowl. We throw out the meal and we cook the wrapping… And then we wonder why it doesn’t taste all that good….

Once you can BE the Universe expressing as you, you no longer can live in conflict with the Universe or anything in it. Then you have become the FLOW. Isn’t that worth investigating? For those of you who have read the Bible: what does it mean to you that the Kingdom is within you (Luke 17:21)? Isn’t it time we start looking at the Inner Self and drop our limited views about who we are? I say it is.

As always – I appreciate your comments.

Jan Bommerez