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The mind needs to serve the heart

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What if I told you that ‘mind’ is YANG  and that ‘awareness’ is YIN  and that FLOW is the synergy of both: ‘mind lead by awareness’? Can you see how that would explain the clarity and inspiration and intuition we experience in FLOW?

The key to creative and joyful living  in FLOW and to escaping the dominance of the ego-mind is to give the lead to the heart, to listen to how you feel first. Feelings are the inner guidance system of Spirit. In our Yang dominated culture, we have learned to give priority to thinking over feeling and it has caused us much pain. By giving priority to thinking over feeling we have lost connection with our inner guidance system, with our deeper self and with Mother Nature. By suppressing the female principle we have created an enormous Yang imbalance in our power driven culture. Lao Tzu knew better. He wrote:

‘Know the masculine, but live through the feminine’

Lao Tzu

When Yang overpowers Yin (as in our culture), we use most of our energy in taking and defending positions rather than being the free FLOW of the creative life energy. Ego or ‘the concept of a separated self’ can be compared to ‘pinching off the flow in the hose of life’. Did you ever feel suffocated? That’s what ego does at a spiritual level. One spiritual master called the ego a ‘spiritual cramp’. That explains it in very plain language, doesn’t it? And yet, ego is a necessary stage of evolution just like the seed (the most contracted state of a plant) precedes the plant (the expanded seed) and the fruit (the most expanded state of a plant). Ego has an evolutionary function: it allows for self-awareness through contrast. Just like it is impossible to find a white spot on a white wall (no contrast), the unlimited Spirit needs a limited expression to know Itself. The whole point is not to stay stuck in duality by reason of fixed positions. Didn’t Jesus say that the seed has to die in order to connect to the ecosystem that will give it growth?

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone.

John 12, 24

In FLOW, we allow ourselves to expand into resonance with the high frequency Source Energy in us. In this state of openness Life can create through us. All geniuses have testified about that:

Great discoveries are not the product of the intellect. The solution just comes to you and you do not know how or why.
Albert Einstein
It sounds unbelievable but my ideas come to me from space.
Thomas A.Edison

Our real Self is ‘connectedness to the Field of All Possibilities‘. That is ultimately what ‘soul’ is: connectedness to Spirit.  Since ‘connectedness’ is not an object, it cannot be known by the mind. It can only be known by the heart: we FEEL connected. Right? That is why Lao Tzu says to ‘know the masculine but to live through the feminine’. The feminine is the connection principle, the receiving principle.

The Universal Mind expresses Itself through the individual. The individual cannot do anything without the Universal Mind and the Universal Mind needs the individual. They are one system.’

Charles Haanel – The Master Key System

To be a co-creator, we need to vibrate in alignment with Source Energy. So, what is the vibrational state of the Source Energy? Pure harmony. No tension between polarities. Non-resistance. Love. Allowing. Freedom. The Chinese term for nature is ziran which roughly translates as ‘Self So’ or ‘spontaneity’.

The natural state is a state of spontaneity, of allowing.

That is what we experience when in FLOW. Dr David Hawkins defines ego as ‘positionality’. That is brilliant. Ego is the opposite of FLOW. Ego is resistance – FLOW is allowing. Ego is the particle state; FLOW is the wave state. That is a bit of quantum physics 101 for humans.

The whole idea that darkness or YIN is bad (‘that Eve is the source of all evil’) is what turns the human game into a nightmare. Take away the night and you also have taken away the light of the stars. Take away limitation and form becomes impossible. Calling one side wrong and the other right is what ruins the game. Gurdjieff handed us a major key to freedom of positionality by introducing the triangle as the building block of the third dimension. The entire issue of duality falls away when we become aware that this three dimensional reality is built on triads, not pairs. Here is the Law of Three as formulated by Gurdjieff“The higher blends with the lower to actualize the middle, which becomes lower for the next higher or higher for the previous lower.”

This is the fundamental formula for all energy transformation in the three dimensional universe. It is also the basis for all spiritual transformation which seeks to develop the higher energies required for self-realization and resonant contact with the Source of all energy. In the Kabbalah it is called the Middle Pillar.

The Middle Path as taught by Buddha is the path of the heart (middle, center), the path of compassion, the path of no-judgment. It requires the humility that you can never know what is best for the whole by taking sides. Real humility is the end of all judgments and opinions. Real humility means ‘I do not know’. That is the state of total surrender and openness. Nothing dissolves the ego like being humble in the true sense.

A Taoist master (I apologize that I forgot his name) once said: ‘Do not strive for enlightenment. Just give up all your opinions.’ Have you ever heard a better advice? The ego is nothing but a collection of opinions about how things should be. There you have the source of all resistance against how things actually are.

We suggest you watch the Alan Watts video called ‘Black and white’ in our video section and we also suggest you take some time to meditate on this wisdom quote by Lao Tzu: ‘The sage doesn’t resist and thus nobody can resist him.’

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Jan Bommerez