Wei Wu Wei, translated as ‘action through non-action’ or ‘doing without a doer’ is the central paradox in Taoism. Wei Wu Wei clearly corresponds to the state of FLOW, the state of effortless doing.

In chapter 48 of the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu says: ‘When nothing is done, nothing is left undone’. To the dualistic mind this sure sounds like a kind of joke. It is however very profound. To get a better feel of what this is all about, let’s consider the human body. It is composed of 75 to 100 trillion cells all working together. Every cell performs thousands upon thousands of actions and transactions, all in coordination with the trillions of other cells. The DNA of one single human body, if translated into regular printed books, could fill the Grand Canyon 75 times. Do you get a sense of the gigantic amount of information that is being dealt with here? And that is just one body. Our brain has about 100 billion brain cells. Every brain cell is connected to 100,000 other brain cells. If all those connections would be active once a second, we would look at a quadrillion transactions happening every second in our brain. Our human intellect can coordinate something like 7 things at one time. So the question arises: what is that other intelligence in us that can coordinate an unlimited number of elements? It clearly must be infinite. Napoleon Hill refers to this Infinite Intelligence all the time.

Most people miss that ‘to align with Infinite Intelligence’ is also the central teaching of Napoleon Hill. Not only is it infinitely intelligent, it is also present everywhere: in plants, organisms, solar systems… and thus it has access to all the resources of the Universe, real time. Now let’s look again at the human intellect that can master like 7 things at one time. Which intelligence could be trusted more? Duh… Instead we have made a ‘god’ of the human intellect. What we begin to see though is that human solutions most of the time contain the next problem.

Taoists do not suggest that the human intellect is evil or that it should be annihilated. They just suggest it might be wise to ALIGN the human intellect with the Greater Intelligence of Nature. The key to wei wu wei is ALIGNMENT. When we ALIGN with the Whole, we can allow the Whole to act through us. This is what wei wu wei is: that we become a willing vessel for the Universal Self, expressing Itself uniquely through us. In Christianity, this is known as ‘Thy will be done’. The problem is, we do not trust the Higher Will. Driven by fear we think we have to ‘do something’ or else…

The Abraham Teachings are a modern example of the same principle. Here is what Abraham has to say: ‘No amount of action can compensate for misalignment with Source’. The entire Abraham Teachings can be summarized as: ‘It’s all about alignment with the Source Energy in you’.

How do you align with the Source Energy? It becomes a lot easier to understand if, like Abraham, you equal the Source Energy to your Inner Self. The Life Force in us – aka Source Energy – is the same Intelligence that not only runs your body and your brain but also the rest of the Universe. It (‘Life’) is undeniably present in you. It has also been called soul or spirit. We align to Source by learning to listen to our Inner Self or our ‘energy self’. It communicates more through energy than through words. And the way our ego-self can learn to listen to it is by paying attention to the feeling state of the organism. It is actually very simple. It feels good? There is alignment. It feels bad? There is resistance.

FLOW then is the state of allowing that Abraham refers to all the time. Without FLOW there can be no conscious co-creation. FLOW is at the top of the emotional scale as taught by Abraham: up there with joy, passion, empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation…

The Abraham-Hicks scale of emotions
The Abraham-Hicks scale of emotions

The way to live the wei wu wei principle is to make how you feel your highest priority and to make your feeling state independent of external conditions. It takes some practice, but it is very possible. This is how we return to Eden, to our natural state, the state of alignment with Source.

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Jan Bommerez

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