Get into flow
Get into flow

How to get into flow?

How to get in the zone? That is a bit like asking ‘How to be happy?’. There is no set formula to be happy but there are many many known ways to stop yourself from being happy… Or compare it with ‘How to fall asleep?’ This too you cannot ‘do’ but there are many ways to interfere with it… See, flow is a state without a ‘doer’. It’s wu wei … So let’s reframe ‘How to get into flow?’ as ‘How to get out of the way so flow can happen?’…

Flow is what we experience when the life energy can run freely through our system. This life energy is what we sometimes call ‘soul’. When the body is dead there is no soul present. Soul is pretty much the same as ‘aliveness’ and also ‘connection to all life’. To get into flow means to become more alive. What is it that makes you come more alive? That is what will get you into flow.

There is an old Taoist saying that goes like this: ‘where energy flows, there is health, harmony and happiness – where energy is stagnant, there is disease, pain and suffering’.

It becomes pretty obvious then that stress is the #1 flow-killer. And what else is stress than a form of fear about something? The antidote for fear – as taught in A Course in Miracles – is love. Love will get you into flow. Fear will throw you out of flow.

Flow happens when we do things we love, when we honor self-love, when we are in places we love, with people we love, animals we love…Flows happens when we trust. Flow happens when we open ourselves for the beauty of existence…

Isn’t it interesting that there is a more obvious link between ‘happiness’ and ‘happening’ than between ‘happiness’ and ‘doing’?

We get into flow by allowing, not by doing…

Tell that to people who have been raised in a culture that is all about doing… When we ask ‘How to get into flow?’ we immediately think ‘what can I do? When is the last time you did nothing and fully enjoyed it? Can you do it or is there some guilt in the back ground when you attempt it? It is a great art to just be. To be happy is pretty much the same as to be. Watch the small children: they just are happy. No formula to get into flow…

To be, to just be is the same as to flow with life. It is a state of inner stillness and high outer alertness. Lao Tzu asks ‘How can I be still?’ and he answers ‘By moving in complete harmony with the Tao’. There is an interesting paradox in what he says: ‘I can be still by moving…’ Isn’t that contradictory? It is not at the level of fast vibrating energy. When energy reaches infinite speed (as in the energy of life itself) it becomes omnipresent and thus it seems not to move at all. At the level of ‘total harmony with the Tao’ there is ‘Oneness with Life’. How do we achieve such a state? By not judging what happens. It is judging that disconnects us and it is love that reconnects us. Hence the advice of Jesus Christ: if you want to always be in that upper energy band, you will need to learn to love your enemies… When we say ‘enemies’ we also mean conditions you would label as ‘adverse’. So the real question is: can we also be happy when someone blames us for something? Can we also be happy when someone is angry at us? Can we also be happy when the stock market goes down?

We get into flow when we stop resisting the flow

Get into flow
Viktor Frankl

We really can only achieve an unshakable state of happiness or call it peace when we have learned to disconnect our inner  state from outer stimuli.

That is what it means to move beyond reactivity and into pro-activity. It comes down to the famous quote of Viktor Frankl: ‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space we have a choice. In that choice lies our freedom.’

The following words all pretty much mean the same: happiness, freedom, space, being, love, God… They all point to the Truth of our Essence.

It is visible in the innocence of the children. It is visible in animals. We grown ups have been conditioned away from It but we can UN-condition ourselves again. We cannot help it that we have been conditioned but we sure CAN help it that we stay conditioned or not. There is a choice that will get us into flow and in that choice lies our freedom…

So we do not achieve flow. It already exists in us. It is our task to set it free… How do we get into flow? You know the answer now don’t you?

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