In our first blog post we concluded that FLOW is in fact our natural, unconditioned state. Our ‘flow-self’ is like the sun of our inner world. Like the sun, it is never gone but it can be hidden. The ‘clouds’ which are hiding the ‘sun’ of our natural self are all our conditioned patterns. Amazingly enough we identify more with our conditioned patterns (our limitations, that which we seem to have become, the story about ourselves) than we do with the unlimited potential that we actually ARE. In FLOW we feel so happy because we feel so free and because we feel free to create. Conditioning has a certain social value when we are kids, like in learning to look both ways before crossing a street but once we can be self-reliant adults, awareness works a lot better than conditioning. No aware person will cross a street without looking…

Flow and creativity

The fact that FLOW is ‘a state beyond social conditioning ‘ also explains why FLOW is so much more common with artists than with the rest of the population. Here is a John Lennon quote to illustrate the point: ‘ I am not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything… I am one of those people you know.’

Imagine - John Lennon
Creative genius is free spirit

In early life most of us get conditioned, ‘tamed’ if you want because of certain fears: the fear of not belonging, the fear of being rejected, the fear of being punished and other forms of fear…One of the most debilitating fears in humans is the fear of being criticized. What we will do to avoid disapproval! People like the late John Lennon can be such creative geniuses because they no longer try to create things to be liked but because they just simply like to create for the sake of self-expression.

The ancients called FLOW ‘the state of GRACE’. When in FLOW we move with grace and we are intuitive and inspired. When on the contrary we are in the conditioned mind, we struggle. A remarkable thing about us humans is that we can shift from the small conditioned self to the expanded true Self and back. Caterpillars become butterflies and do not retrograde like we do… Here is the best news: we too can learn not to retrograde to the conditioned mind. We can reclaim our natural state. Life then is characterized by ease, abundance, joy and creativity. It’s sort of a ‘return to Eden’.

What we really are is beyond belief. It is a mystery that cannot be understood by the limited mind. Let’s find out together how we can transcend our limitations and find our true Self again. It will be my honor to share with you what I have learned on my path.

Talk soon.

Jan Bommerez