All extraordinary performances in sports and the arts happen in a state called FLOW. My specialty is to help entrepreneurs to reach unknown heights by getting into FLOW with their business. The term FLOW was introduced to the public by the brilliant researcher Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (*) in his bestselling book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (P.S.). As the author of this blog I have also written two bestselling books in Dutch about the state of FLOW, one aimed at FLOW in business and one aimed at FLOW in our personal life, especially relationships.

Over 60,000 copies sold in Holland
Flow and peak performance in business
How to live in FLOW as a standard operating procedure
Flow means freedom to create

With a readership of over 100,000 people in Holland I have had the privilege to touch the lives of many people. The purpose of this blog is to serve a broader audience of people who are looking for a life of authenticity and FLOW.  I will define FLOW in numerous ways throughout the different posts. The reason I approach FLOW from so many angles is that there is no set formula for FLOW, just like there is no set formula for happiness. Only a sense of intuition beyond the words can fully grasp what is being said about FLOW and happiness. Allow me to go through a brief experience with you. Close your eyes for a moment and think of a peak moment in your life. How did you feel then? Which words would you use to describe what you felt then?

Happiness? Inner peace? Inner balance? Serenity? Connectedness? Grace? Ease? Love? Passion? Surrender? Appreciation? Joy? Exhilaration? Oneness?

All those words are also being used by people trying to describe what they experienced when in FLOW. Although not all FLOW moments are peak experiences, all peak experiences are FLOW moments… Now, here comes the hard question: which percentage of your life falls into the description you gave a moment ago? For most people we are looking at something like 3% or less. This means that when it happens it is mostly by accident, not by design. Now let’s look at little children before they develop an ego. What is the magic of little children?

They are spontaneous, innocent, in the moment, joyful, creative, imaginative, open, at ease..

These too are words used to describe FLOW. Small children, except when ill, tired or hungry are in FLOW, just like that. No formula, no books to read, no workshops to attend…

Conclusion: FLOW is our natural state but as our conditioning accumulates, we lose it more and more… And most of us only experience this natural FLOW state from time to time by accident. This is going to change for you if you will follow this blog. Welcome to my blog! And please leave comments! Jan Bommerez (pronounced “Yan Bommeray’)